20,000 hackers banned from Warzone: all set for the CW Beta


Hackers Warzone – The nightmare of games ruined by cheaters or cheaters of various kinds is something extremely current in many esports titles, especially those of the “shooter” and Battle Royale type.

Every company tries how it can contain this extremely negative phenomenon, and over the years we have seen publishers make more or less drastic decisions, obtaining results that have often left something to be desired and that have not had the desired effect.

Call of Duty Warzone is by no means immune to this problem, and Activision Blizzard has had to worry about this real “plague” since the first day of release of the famous Battle Royale set in the Verdansk map.

In recent days, however, the very positive news has come from this front, with Activision announcing that it has permanently removed from Call of Duty about 20,000 Warzone “hackers” accounts, banned because they used absolutely no programs and cheats. allowed and prohibited.

A huge blow to the population of COD cheating players, with everyone else finally breathing a sigh of relief (but this must definitely not let Acti let his guard down). We hope that in the war on Call of Duty cheaters we can take another step forward, especially now that the first beta of the new Black Ops is around the corner (the test phase will officially begin, for PS4 users only, at starting next 8 October).

What do you think about the community? Have you seen any changes in your ranked games these past few days?
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