‘Abarth Virtual Racing League’: Claudio Cecalupo is the 2020 champion!


The ‘ Abarth Virtual Racing League ‘, the SimRacing championship on Assetto Corsa organized by the car manufacturer of the scorpion, ended with the final on Saturday 3 October.

In the magnificent setting of the Monza racetrack, the 500 Abarth Assetto Corse piloted by the best 24 of the 8 qualifying races put on a show for the last time. The most constant, cold, and fastest was Claudio Cecalupo, who finished second in both Race 1 and Race 2.

These were the drivers who took to the track: G. Virzì, M. Crippa, N. Natali, M. Noris, M. De Plato, PA Previdi, A. Benedetti, M. Murè, R. Accurso, C. Cecalupo, K. Mattea , A. Siddi, F. Tettamanti, A. Famulari, A. Testi, L. Molle, D. Gentili, F. Cesaro, M. Corvino, J. Ronzo, D. Lopez, A. Miatto, M. Costanzo, L Stocky. The streaming event was commented by the usual Andrea Valerio and Antonio Nurchis, together with Gianluigi Losito in Race Direction.

Race 1

In qualifying, two drivers emerged on all of them, Matteo Costanzo and Matias Corvino. He is the first to take pole position, but at the start he will be the second to have a burning shot, placing himself in the lead. His pounding pace leaves no chance for his opponents: it is he who finishes alone in the first place. Costanzo, on the other hand, who has grown rapidly in the last two races, finds himself in difficulty in the brawl in the middle of the group.

Monza is a fast track, suitable for attacking (and being attacked). Cecalupo adapts best, not only is he the author of excellent overtaking but is also able to avoid the counter-maneuvers of his opponents. He is the one to climb up to the second place. After the pit stop he also sees the silhouette of Corvino in front of him, but aware of a penalty remitted by the same, he knows that with the second place he would finish on equal points with his rival, so he agrees to play everything in Race 2.

An excellent Marco Murè wins in the group for third place, while Andrea Miatto and Andrea Benedetti, fourth and fifth, have the most heated clash of the entire evening. More detached Roberto Accurso and Diego Lopez.

Race 2

It starts with the usual inversion of the top 10. Karim Mattea is on the pole, but for an early start, he will have to sustain a drive-through. Corvino struggles to move up the positions, while Cecalupo starts well and after a couple of laps he is already seventh. There is a great fight, but while the comeback of the leaders continues there is a turning point: Corvino is involved in an accident and goes off the track, ending up returning to the back of the group. For him, the chances of winning fade. However, he remains in the race, finishing seventeenth.

Cecalupo also struggles, Costanzo, Benedetti, and Murè are tough bones. In the lead is Marco De Plato. It is Costanzo who has the best race pace, he manages to overtake everyone and take the lead. Even Cecalupo eventually manages to emerge up to the third square. De Plato then gets a drive-through that makes him retreat to the seventh position. Second, then passes Cecalupo, then Murè, finally the new Benedetti-Miatto duel is won this time by the first, in the sprint. Sesto arrives Virzì, then De Plato, Lopez, Natali, Tozzato, and all the others.