All Stars OWL: LiNkzr the best North American Widowmaker


OWL – The North American edition of the All-Stars Weekend of the Overwatch League ended yesterday evening, an event of the stars in which we saw some of the best players in the world of the Blizzard shooter.

The two opposing teams were Team D.VA, led by Florida coach Mahyem KuKi, and Team Reinhardt , led by Philadelphia Fusion KDG coach, with the former also including BenBestAgilities, and Hydration among its aces. and with the second that he was able to deploy, among others, Danteh and Soon.

At the end of the 3-game series, it was Team Reinhardt who took home the final victory: for SoOn and associates the day ended with a 2-1 that is worth the glory of the All-Stars victory and 75 thousand Prize money dollars.

ALL Stars OWL formations

Team D.Va

Role – Nationality – Player

DPS United Kingdom KSP
DPS Denmark sHockWave
DPS Canada Agilities
Tank United States SPACE
Tank United States Hydration
Tank United States McGravy
Tank France BenBest
Support South Korea KariV
Support United States moth
Support France FDGoD
C South Korea KuKi

Team Reinhardt

Role – Nationality – Player

DPS United States Danteh
DPS France SoOn
DPS France NiCOgdh
Tank United States super
Tank France Poko
Tank Sweden Nevix
Support United Kingdom FunnyAstro
Support the United States Dogman
Support South Korea Jesse
Support Canada Crimson
C South Korea KDG

The very strong Finnish of the Houston Outlaws LiNkzr instead went the prize in the Widowmaker 1Vs1 challenge, in which he managed to overtake the French Soon and the pair of American players Dalton and Onigod, defeating the very strong DPS of the Paris Eternal with a narrow victory played on the razor’s edge ( Linkzr will in fact win 9-8).

The Widowmaker Challenge

Event Replication

Which of the two editions of the All-Stars did you enjoy the most?
Now the appointment with the OWL has moved to the finals of the season, at the end of which we can finally celebrate the new Overwatch world, champion team.