Apex Legends, play with more than 60 players still far away


Responding to questions from a user on Twitter, the Design Director of Respawn Jason McCord provided a clear indication from the increase in the number of players on Apex Legends.

From the DUOSHTIX account, it was in fact asked if with the extension of the game in crossplay there is also the intention of the developers to increase the number of players present in an Apex challenge.

On the Respawn battle royale the number of participants has always been 60 (with 20 teams of 3 players each), a feature that has distinguished Apex compared to other Battle Royale more oriented towards 100 players (or even more, such as in the case of Warzone where up to 200 players can be played simultaneously).

Unfortunately, however, it does not seem that for the moment the developers are interested in pursuing this path, and on the contrary, they seem more interested in continuing with the 60-player format. As reported by Jason McCord, there are at least two valid reasons not to seek an increase in the number of players:

  1. the game is balanced and optimized for 60 players
  2. the maps are balanced to have 60 players

Here is the post posted by the dev in question:

Jason’s “probably not soon”, however, leaves a small window open to hope to see modalities with a greater number of participants in the future.
As they become available, we will publish new and more updated details.