CONI and ESPORTS: on October 29th a conference in Rome with Malagò


The next Oct. 29, at the Hall of Honor of CONI, there will be a new and important initiative that will involve the world of the Italian Olympic Committee with that of esports.

The meeting will also be attended by the President of CONI Giovanni Malagò and will be staged from 11 to 13, when, for the first time ever, E-Sports will make their formal entry into the temple of Italian sport.

The conference will be introduced by the president of the E-Sports Italia Promoting Committee, Michele Barbone, while the scientific directors and coordinators of the Study Center of the E-Sports Promoting Committee, the lawyers Chiara Sambaldi and Andrea Strata (Directors of the Permanent Observatory for Legality and Pathologies of Eurispes Games), which will illustrate the guidelines for the activity of the Study Center and will introduce the reports of university professors of the Universities of Tor Vergata, the University of Rome “Foro Italico” and Link Campus University.

For the University of Tor Vergata there will be professors Antonio Lombardo, Bruno Ruscello and Laura Lunetta, for the “Foro Italico” dr. Nicolò Loreti and for the Link Campus University prof. Gianfranco Ravà.

The scenario regarding international awards will be described by the director of the eports promoting committee Maurizio Miazga.

The conference will be the first institutional appointment to take stock of the Italian esports movement and to trace the path of what will be, in the near future, a sport in all respects. A focus of the conference will focus on the similarities to be found between traditional sport and competitions that take place with simulation video games. The aim is to clarify the differences between sport and mere entertainment thanks to video games that are in tune with the values ​​of the Olympic Charter.

It will also be an opportunity to indicate the guidelines for the activity of the Study Center of the E-Sports Italia Promoting Committee which aims to make an effective and content contribution to the process of recognition of electronic sports within the national sports system.