Fleta, 2020 MVP, announces which hero she would like for the celebratory skin


MVP Skin – Each time the Overwatch League names the best player of the season (otherwise known as ” MVP “, Most Valuable Player), this is celebrated with a special skin dedicated to him, a special model that will only concern the hero chosen by the MVP Player of the Year.

For 2020, and after a sensational season, to say the least, the MVP title went to the very strong Korean professional of the Shanghai Dragons Byung-sun ‘ Fleta ‘ Kim, surely one of the key players of the team behind the absolutely positive year of the Dragons ( the finals are still missing, where Shanghai is still present as the favorite team for the final victory).

Unlike his predecessors, Fleta has however decided not to leave any aura of mystery behind the character he has chosen for his new celebratory skin, having already announced on Twitter at the time of his official candidacy (last August) that the skin would be was dedicated to the character of Echo, a favorite of MVP 2020 (in addition to GenjiPharah, Tracer, and Widowmaker ).

“I hope to give my fans a special Echo MVP model!” he had in fact declared Fleta in August, and in the post he continued stating: “I am known for my very flexible game, and I think that Echo is a good choice because it embodies this feature best”.