Legends of Runeterra: new expansion teaser and many new features coming soon


Legends of Runeterra Expansion – The developers of Riot have unveiled the new teaser relating to the Monuments of Power expansion, the second part of the “ Call of the Mountain ” that we should see in action starting from next October 14th.

With this new content, the new Landmarks cards will be introduced, cards that cannot attack or be attacked, that can be played by paying mana and that must occupy a specific space on the board.

A first Landmark card is for example Vaults of Helia, which at the start of the turn will kill our most expensive creature to replace it with one from our deck that costs one more mana.

The trailer for the new Legends of Runeterra expansion

In addition to the new cards, with Monuments of Power, we will also have a new event (which in turn will introduce new rewards and missions), the spectator mode (which should be available starting in November), and a series of seasonal tournaments that will be used to put in I highlight the best competitive players of Runeterra.

This new period will officially begin in less than 10 days and will continue in December with the Last Chance Gauntlet and also the highly anticipated start of the Monuments of Power Tournament, scheduled for December 6th.