LOR, new Bilgewater Landmark and 6 more cards unveiled


Landmark Bilgewater – During the hours of the night, some of the first cards coming to Legends of Runeterra with the next expansion have been revealed by Riot.

In particular, we saw the new Landmark card of the Bilgewater region, The Slaughter Docks, a 3 mana that by activating its power will allow us to summon a random Sea Monster at the beginning of our turn.

Along with this card (which you can see just below), 6 other new cards were then previewed including the new follower Boxtopus, a 3/4 of 2 mana that once summoned will inflict 3 damage on itself, or the Lounging Lizard, an Elusive 3 with a 3/5 body, which at the start of the turn will see its HP decrease to 3.

We remind you that we have already talked about the Landmark cards in a previous update, in which we also saw some of the new features coming soon with the Monuments of Power expansion, the second long-awaited part of the biggest “ Call of the Mountain “.

As soon as they are available, we will publish new and more detailed updates.