Maybe some balance is coming for Ornn


Through a new post published on Reddit, a Riot developer explained that very soon we could see some new changes for the champion of LoL Ornn.

Indeed, the famous ” Fire on the Mountain ” is intended to be modified from the patch of the pre-season of 2021. According to reports from Riot Phlox in the future might see proposed changes to the potential of the sample kit, which will be however monitored very closely by devs during upcoming updates.

Phlox announced, “We will monitor Ornn and consider adding power to his abilities where necessary, ” Phlox explained, hinting quite clearly at some potential buffs for the champion.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear how Ornn could be reworked, nor what kind of specific interventions it seems destined to receive. At the moment, therefore, we only know that the devs’ eyes are on the Freljordian demigod of metallurgy and crafts, waiting to find out what future awaits our dear Ornn in the next competitive season.

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