RLCS X: Third North American event at Envy

In the report of the first RLCS X event in North America, we saw how the Envy of Turbopolsa failed in an attempt to “take revenge” against the NRGs.

The Swedish veteran, who arrived on American soil thanks to the San Francisco org, had been replaced by SquishyMuffinz on the eve of the new season.

Well, the time has finally come. With the third and final event of the Autumn Split, the four-time world champion achieves a success that gives the team confidence. The Major is now upon us in both regions (Europe and North America): the motivation and confidence that come from a win like this can make the Envy a serious contender for the title. Furthermore, the 3-0 against the NRG in the quarter-finals is a clear answer to those who doubted the continuity of Turbo. The creativity of At0mic and the stubbornness of Mist (author of the goal at the end that decided the final) are the best weapons available to the Scandinavian player, who certainly knows how to use them to win.

“Is never enough”

Season 8 World Finals. NRGs beat Renault Vitality after a grueling and thrilling streak. In post-match interviews JohnnyBoi_i turns to Turbo and asks “ Now that you’ve won four World Cups, when will you stop? How Much Is Enough ? “. The following answer is “ I mean, I got to four, right? It’s never enough “, testifying to the fact that not only must be good to win but hungry and ready to sacrifice. When your career begins with several disappointments, only to be turned upside down by a World Cup win as a reserve (Northern Gaming, Season 3), there isn’t much room for insecurities. You don’t have much to lose on the pitch: in case of defeat, you must be able to say that you have tried. The Envys may also have some bad results in North America, let go of a few opportunities, and stumble several times before making it to the 2021 RLCS X World Championship. But they have on their side perhaps the most important quality for a professional team: the mentality.

Turbopolsa and his two new companions still have everything to prove, mind you. The season is much longer than usual and an event says little about the overall path of a team. However, the style of play developed by the Envy has all the credentials to make its way in what is an extremely competitive region (at least at the top). The appointment at the first American Major will undoubtedly be an excellent test bench for the best teams, waiting to clash with the best rosters in the world.