Valorant, unveiled the new Icebox map


Icebox Map – Through a new video trailer, the developers of Riot have revealed to the community the very first details about a new map of Valorant.

We are in fact talking about the new Icebox, a map that will be available with the third act of episode 1 of Riot’s tactical shooter, and that will catapult the players into a remote and frozen scenario …
From the video you can see a galleon wedged in the ice, a decidedly futuristic submarine, and at the center of the whole area a large research base that will serve as a backdrop for our future battles in competitive.

Icebox Map Presentation

Dig a grave in the snow for your enemies in VALORANT’s new map, Icebox. Take on the frozen tundra in Act III.

What do you think of this first and certainly still not very detailed preview of the Icebox map? We remind you that this is not the only important news of the day, as only a few minutes ago we discovered some of Riot’s future plans regarding Valorant competitive games.

Talking about it were Game Director Joe Zigler, and Head of Competitive Systems Design David Cole, who detailed what updates are coming for ranked.