Warzone, season 6: Killstreaks and changes not announced in the patch


Warzone Killstreaks – With the sixth season of Call of Duty’s Battle Royale “ Warzone “, we’ve seen a slew of new developer additions, with some not being “announced” through the official patch notes.

We are therefore talking about additions and news that are currently on Warzone, but of which we do not have any details shared by Activision. For example, we report the new killstreak that allows us to trace the movements of the circle or the equally strong one that allows us to enjoy, albeit to a limited extent, more perks at the same time.

These new contents seem to be extremely rare, but there are still possibilities to find them for example by visiting the secret bunker related to the easter egg of the metro.

Warzone Killstreaks – The Source

Among the other interesting news, there is certainly also the fact that now it is possible to find self-resuscitation kits also on the ground, so as to allow us to save a lot of money during our official matches, and also some small changes to the map that have recently discovered by Verdansk players.

The air traffic control tower, for example, has received a restyling of its interiors which are now less bulky, so as to improve the gaming experience of those who frequent these places, while walking around the map, especially in the woods near the areas of Lumber and Stadium, several players have reported the creepy laughter of a child that could indicate an upcoming Halloween themed event … we’ll see what it will be.