What would make you come back to Hearthstone again?


As happened last year, the famous Hearthstone developer Dean Iksar Ayala wanted to ask the Twitter community, and in particular, the players who have now abandoned the game, what he would like to see in the near future of the inn.

In the past, the developers of Blizz wanted to ask their players directly for feedback about the potential content that could be used to simulate a “return” to HS by many players … the idea obviously worked, also because the devs actually they supported several of the proposals made by the community, then going to propose them again on the HS live servers.

Once again, therefore, the good Iksar (who we remember being a Senior Game Designer of Hearthstone ) has decided to turn to the community to understand well which paths to take for the future, and there has certainly been no lack of answers, with hundreds and hundreds of players who they spared no effort in pitching ideas upon ideas to Blizz.

Iksar’s post on Hearthstone

The main topic obviously always revolves around the Tournament Mode, but some players have also asked for the inclusion of the simplest archetypes in the ranked bans and best of 3 games and also a heavy intervention on Battlegrounds, considered by many to be almost the mode. “Main” by HS.

What do you think? As a former player, what would be the “fundamental” content to justify your return to the Inn?
The discussion is open!