Worlds 2020: JD Gaming massacre the Rogues


Another heavy defeat arrives for the  Rogues on the third day of the  Worlds 2020. All-time favorites  JD Gaming have found their best form, and have demolished the European boys. The  G2 Esports continue to win taking the lead in Group A with a score of 2-0. The game played by  Flyquest and  Unicorns Of Love, which gave us a lot of action, but also an infinite sequence of incredible mistakes was spectacular.

The third day of the Worlds 2020

Group A

The positive streak of the  G2 Esports continues, and even against the  Machi comes a victory that gives the first place alone to the LEC champions. Perkz and his companions played in total relaxation against their rivals, giving up many resources and “trolling” fights they shouldn’t have lost. The advantage accumulated from the early stages of the game, however, allowed him to do whatever they wanted, without ever risking losing seriously.

The  Suning finds the first point on the scoreboard by massacring the poor Team Liquid, really unable to build an adequate response to the clear Chinese superiority. To understand what we mean, let’s take Broxah for example, who was never able to find a proper entry into the game, especially early in the game as he was piloting  Lee Sin.

Group B

The  Damwon Gaming close the first week of group B with well after 3 wins 3 matches played. The  PSG Talon were inserted well in the early stages of the game, had even found a minimal advantage, and hoped to be able to keep up with the Korean samples. Unfortunately for them,  Nuguri and teammates kept a cool head and overturned a badly started game. What we saw today makes us realize how strong the  Damwons actually are and showed us their true strengths. They will probably finish first in the group, but  JD Gaming is not to be underestimated.

The  Rogues faced yet another tough match-up in Group B, against  JD Gaming who seemed weak until yesterday. The second seed of the  LPL has regained its lost form, showing a monstrously high level of play. Larssen and his companions tried to fight on equal terms, but unfortunately, there was nothing to be done, they were dismantled in a rather bloody way. Qualifying for the 2020 Worlds knock-out stage becomes even more difficult.

Group D

Flyquest and  Unicorns Of Love have, by now, a destiny already marked and decided in group D. In fact, the two teams will not be able to compete for the first two places, but will have to play with each other for the third. Today they clashed in a very fun game to watch, which however showed all the big problems that these teams carry with them. We have seen continuous exchanges of monetary advantages and objectives, seasoned by the terrible performance of  Solo  (toplaner of  Fly ) who several times became the protagonist of some “happy moments”. In the end, the North Americans took home the first point in the standings, but they probably won’t go beyond that.

At the end of the day, we saw the big match between  Top Esports and  DragonX. This game was also a lot of fun, thanks to the  TES who set up a macro based on continuous and reckless attacks. The Koreans tried to maintain their methodical style, but the LPL champions denied any conditions of victory. If we think that the  DRX has held the monetary advantage for most of the game, this victory of the  TES takes on even greater value.