WoW Shadowlands: news and official update of October


WoW, Shadowlands – The developers of World of Warcraft have published a series of interesting news within the Beta of Shadowlands, also going to signal the point of development and the main updates coming from the test server.

Through a post on the forum, the devs have for example reported that The Maw will be updated, with the intention of giving this area an even stronger identity while preserving the “sandbox” nature of the area. In the same post, CM Kaivax also announced that the Conduit’s weekly cooldown will be removed because it restricts multi-spec classes, being replaced by a more flexible system on Beta.

In the Beta we also saw the new Vicious War Spider mount, obtainable for both the Horde and the Alliance through the first PVP season of Rated Arena and Rated Battlegrounds of the next expansion:

On the well-known TechRadar portal, the two Blizzard developers Steve Danuser (Lead Narrative Designer) and Johnny Cash (Senior Game Designer as well as being a member of the LGBTQ + council) have also explained, in an extremely detailed and interesting way, all the narrative effort that is It was made to promote LGBTQ + themes within Shadowlands such as, just to give an example, the relationship between the two characters Flynn and Shaw.

For Blizz, it is essential to raise awareness among its players on gender discrimination, racism, and the problems deriving from intolerance and hatred towards what is not understood … a campaign that will continue (remember for example how these issues are also important on other games, like Overwatch) then also with Shadowlands with the introduction of several new characters.

At this point all that remains is to wait for new and important news regarding the publication of the expansion, especially taking into account the recent announcement relating to the delay in its release, postponed to the end of 2020.
Precisely in this regard, we point out that it is possible to request a refund of the versions of Shadowlands given to a friend/acquaintance through a “Gift”, a practice that however seems to work only with the refund request made by the buyer. (and not of those who actually received the gift).

Below, we recommend watching the new video published by Herc on his YouTube channel, in which he addresses the speech “WoW, situation after the announcement of the delay” and in general the point on the state of the game in October which has now begun.

The Hammer Down video