COD, the Cold War ranked devs, the Stim glitch and the nerfs of October 8th


Cod Cold War – As mentioned during the course of the week, the nerfs for the AS-Val and SP-R 208 weapons have finally arrived, which starting this weekend will have less firepower to offer to their users.

Starting from the changes made to the AS-Val, it should be noted that it is only a hotfix and not a real balancing intervention. Some bullets of the famous Soviet rifle (as we had also reported in a previous article) were in fact able to pierce practically any wall present on Warzone thanks to a bug identified by players during the week.

With the last round of balances, however, the devs have solved the problem, going to restore the correct characteristics of the weapon.
For the SP-R 208, the situation was decidedly different, with the developers going to reduce the speed of the .300 Norma and .338 Lapua bullets, while also reducing the ADS speed.

As for the stim glitch, a very annoying bug that guarantees unlimited stim shoots and therefore allows players to survive in the gas, the devs have made it known on Trello (and then also on Twitter ) that they are now close to solving it, and that soon we will no longer risk running into unjust victories from bad players.

COD Cold War, update Ranked

Finally, the developers, and in particular the studio design director of Treyarch David Vonderhaar, have provided clear information about the future of Call of Duty, in particular on the issue of ranking. Vonderhaar has indeed confirmed without too many words that even Black Ops, as happened for the previous titles, will have its own competitive scene and a ranked mode that will allow the best to climb the ranking of the game.

What do you think of this information? Are you happy with the new balance for AS-Val and SP? The discussion is open!