For Kim Kardashian, Covid-19 is a “reboot for the planet”


Kim’s idea has angered critics by pointing out how humans have suffered from the quarantine imposed.

Kim Kardashian’s comments on Covid-19 and how it is acting as a “reboot for the planet” have turned into a rather divided conversation.

While some agree with the beauty mogul’s claims, others have been furious at pointing out how humans have suffered immensely from this imposed quarantine.

The comment came during Kim’s interview with Grazia magazine. It was there that the reality TV star reflected on the impact of the pandemic, its effect on the global economy, and the positives many have found along the way.

The star admitted: “Maybe our planet needed a break. Maybe we all needed a break. Maybe this was the reboot? I try to see it that way.

While Kim has always been criticized for being an insider, the owner of the beauty brand SKIMS revealed that the implications of the pandemic hit her home at the same time as other stars, including Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Whether in a multi-million dollar mansion or a humble abode, Covid-19 proved to be an equalizing challenge for Kim, as she was her husband’s sole caretaker as she battled her own fight against the pandemic.

Recalling her experience taking care of Kanye, Kim said, “Kanye did it at first when no one really knew what was going on. It was so scary and unfamiliar. I had my four babies and no one else in the house to help. “

“I had to go change the sheets and help her get out of bed when she wasn’t feeling well. It was a challenge because it was so unknown. Changing her sheets with gloves and a face shield was a really scary moment.”