Fortnite: how to complete the challenges of week 7 and bonus challenges


Fortnite Week 7 –  With the new week also came new challenges of the  Week 7 of  FortniteAs we have done in previous weeks, let’s go below to see together how to be able to complete all the challenges in the shortest possible time, so as to obtain the various rewards offered from time to time by  Epic Games. In addition to the usual challenges, we will also help you complete some bonus challenges.

Fortnite week 7 challenges

  • Examine Forzieri in Gattogrill (7)
    For this challenge, you simply have to go to Gattogrill and open at least 7 chests
  • Cliffs Eliminations (3)
    To get this challenge you must land at Cliffs and eliminate at least 3 players
  • Enter the Doom Domain Vault
    To complete this challenge, land in Doom Domain and try to open the vault which is located under the football field almost in the center of the POI. To do this, you will first have to kill Doom and steal his key
  • Destroy the cobwebs at the Authority (3)
    To destroy the webs at The Authority, just go down to the POI indicated and search inside the main building. There will be many cobwebs scattered around the palace
  • Discover Tony Stark’s Secret Lab at the Lake House Tony Stark’s
    Secret Lab is located under the foundation of the Lake House, hidden by a bush on the side of the house. The house is located precisely on the shores of the Stark Industries lake
  • Drive from Sweaty Sands to Misty Moors in less than 4 minutes without getting out of the vehicle
    To complete this challenge you will have to go to Sweaty Sands, take a vehicle, and, without getting off, arrive in 4 minutes at Brughiere Brumose
  • Inflict damage on an opponent after knocking them back with Storm’s power (10,000)
    This is the toughest challenge of the week and requires you to use Storm’s power to ward off enemies and subsequently injure them. To finish it or you will have to collect the skill from the supplies of the various Quinjets or you can play the various Marvel-themed MATs

Bonus challenges

There are 3 secret challenges that will earn you 60,000 exp from their completion. The challenges are connected to the history of the gnomes that have appeared several times around the Fortnite map during the various seasons.

  1. You will need to reach the old Shadows refuge off the coast of Frignante Forest, there you will find a menacing gnome looking at a map
  2. The map indicates the spot where the gnomes have planted bombs in the shape of Slurp barrels, your task is to disarm them all. They are found in Foschi Fumaioli, Craggy Cliffs, Sweaty Sands, Holly Hedges, and Misty Moors
  3. Disarmed the bombs you will have to reach Lake Languid and destroy a gnome holding a newspaper.