Hearthstone: the best lists of the week (and the latest updates)


Hearthstone Best Lists – The week is now drawing to a close and it’s time to analyze the data relating to the ranked matches and the status of the Hearthstone meta in the last few days.

Thanks to the recent update published by HS Replay we have in fact seen all the numbers of the ” Topdeck to climb “, a ranking that shows the best decks that have been played on the 3 main servers in the world (Europe, America, and Asia) by order of win-rate ( or percentage of wins on the total played).

We then discover that the Soul Demon Hunter leads the ranking with 58.5% of wins in all the games that this deck has supported from the Diamond to the Legend between October 3 and 9, followed by Highlander HunterFace Hunter, and Broom Paladin who close however all above the 57% win-rate limit.

At the bottom of this top five is the Small version of the Spell Mage which, despite being a little detached from the leading group, travels in the Hearthstone ranked above 55%.

Hearthstone’s Best Decks post

After having seen the ranking of the best decks of the week of HS and as promised in the title, we go below to report all the best updates among those seen recently in action in the ranked. Among the decks, you will find both those valid for the standard format and those created for the wild format.