Hearthstone: The Grandmasters Playoffs are in full swing


After the postponement of a day due to an illness of Thijs, the Grandmasters of Hearthstone have entered into the heart and at this time they are playing both Playoffs for the conquest of the title, both Relegation Match for those who must leave the circuit.

After the Play-in matches, played off-stream, the two groups that will play the Top 4 of the Playoffs have consolidated. Some Groups are already being completed in these hours, while some have yet to begin. The formula provides that upon the completion of all Groups, the best 4 of each game region will play the title with semifinals and finals.

As for Relegation Matches, some players are already safe, such as Tyler, Dawn, Viper, and Bloodyface, while others will earn their future between today and tomorrow. The whole competition will end tomorrow, the day in which we will have the names of the champions and the relegated from each region.