Legends of Runeterra: nerfs are coming to Bilgewater


Bilgewater Nerf – Other important balances seem to be coming to Legends of Runeterra, especially as regards the future patch 1.14.

In the opinion of Steve Rubin, Live Design Lead of the Riot card game, we should in fact see several changes that will directly affect a region of LOR … Bilgewater. Although we have no confirmation or indication on what (or those) that could be the “victim” card of these balances (we are talking about “victim” because we already know that they will be changes that will worsen – or make less strong – the cards hit).

What is certain is that among the cards that will be hit there should not be the Riptide Rex, an 8-mana follower who for Steve Rubin is absolutely ok and does not need any changes.

Bilgewater Nerf on the way

Recall that these considerations could still change from here until the publication of 1.14 and that in the coming days the developers will release new and more explicit details on what they have in mind for the balances of the Legends of Runeterra meta.

And your communities… what do you think Bilgewater’s cards should be hit with the next update?
The discussion is open!