Overwatch, 5 curiosities about Reaper today


Last week we explored Widowmaker trivia, but today it will be another Talon agent who will reveal several secrets: Reaper!

He loves black, has a ghostly voice and for a long time hid a face we still don’t know behind a menacing white mask. But all this did not stop us from investigating and discovering the background on the life and concept of this hero.

Not so anonymous

Curiosity about Reaper N ° 1 – Visiting the official page, we would have few notions about the assassin Talon. But the amount of information that has been released in these 5 years has allowed us to know him more than well. His name is Gabriel Reyes, he is 58 years old, and he is from Los Angeles (USA) but his origins are Hispanic. From his model in Archives, we have further notions: his code name in the US military was Soldier 24 (ID 06 0000 0024), blood type AB Negative and no professed religion. According to developer interviews, he is a football and basketball fan, and is a fan of the LA Lakers;

Genetic Mutations

Interesting facts about Reaper N ° 2 – In his life, Gabriel Reyes has undergone two types of genetic alterations, the details of which we find above all in the Bastet story and in Moira’s lore. The man initially underwent special training in US government programs to adapt his body to any physical difficulties in the field, including self-healing. Later he underwent the experiments of the scientist Moira O ‘Deorain, who gave him the power to slip through the shadows ;

The Blizzards Reaper

Reaper Trivia N ° 3 – The Grim Reaper figure is very common in Blizzard’s iconography. Think of Mathew in Diablo, the former Archangel of Wisdom who became an angry spirit in the events of Reaper of Souls. A similar fate also fell to Arthas Menethil of Warcraft III, who after being subjugated by the Lich King became the death knight. And how not to complete the triad with Starcraft? In fact, the “Reaper” is a Terran unit, although technologically more similar to Pharah.

When it all began

Curiosity about Reaper # 4 – During the Retaliation Archives we see a Reyes who begins to give the first signs of distrust towards Overwatch and its protocol and marks the beginning of the decline of the task force. In fact, the epilogue of the comic that opens the PVE mode shows a shadow that suggests the future direction of man: to become the Reaper.

An explosive hero

Trivia About Reaper # 5 – In the Overwatch debut video, you can see some special equipment in Reaper that didn’t survive the game’s release: the explosive and smoke grenades. In fact, even today it is possible to see in the standard model and in the Blackwatch model (available in the Legendary Edition) the bandolier with grenades. There was probably a passing of the baton in defining the game’s bomber role at Junkrat.

How many of these concepts did you know? And what information do you still want to know about this hero? Waiting for more details, we also invite you to read the 5 curiosities about Tracer!