Tom Cruise films action scenes without use of stuntman in Rome


The 58-year-old Hollywood legend transformed into Ethan Hunt to speed through the streets of Rome.

Tom Cruise has been seen cruising the streets of Rome on a motorcycle, filming Mission Impossible 7.

The actor has launched into filming the latest installment in the iconic high-octane film franchise.

And Cruise was his own stunt double when he hopped on a motorcycle to tour the streets of Rome while filming intense scenes for Mission Impossible 7 on Saturday.

The 58-year-old Hollywood legend transformed into Ethan Hunt in a white shirt, gray vest, and metallic tie.

Tom was seen riding a motorcycle that had been outfitted to look like a police vehicle, suggesting that his character had obtained it for the chase.

A police car was also seen on set, and it was equipped with a rooftop camera to film both the person in the car and Tom as he passed.

After filming the intense scenes, Tom was seen chatting with the crew as he prepared to tackle another shot.

Tom has been seen filming many exciting scenes in recent months, including motorcycle jumping, skydiving, and getting on moving trains while on set in Norway.

Filming for the next action movie was halted in Italy earlier this year after coronavirus cases rose dramatically.

The crew and actors have been filming in Norway ever since, before returning to the Italian capital earlier this week to continue with the scenes.