Worlds 2020: Fnatic qualify but as a second seed


After an interesting day full of emotions, the uncertain fate of group C of the  2020 Worlds also comes to an end. The  Fnatic have shown extraordinary performances, but unfortunately, they are wrapped in the direct confrontation with the  Gen.G for the first place. The  LGD Gaming and  TSM leave the competition, with the North American samples that close with a sad 0-6.

The strange group C of the Worlds 2020

The ranking of group C

  • Gen. G (5-1)
  • Fnatic  (4-2)
  • LGD Gaming (3-3)
  • TSM (0-6)

Net superiority

Although we have often said that group C was very close, the return day completely reversed this thought. In fact,  Fnatic and  Gen. G have proven to be a cut above the other contenders, leaving no hope to their opponents. Rekkles and Co. have pulled out of the immaculate performance against  TSM and  LGD, but then you are stuck in the draft of the direct clash for first place with Gen.G. This factor has condemned them to a second-place not very comfortable, now they risk drawing one between Damwon Gaming and  Top Esports in the quarters.

Even the  Gen.G were far superior to their opponents, but both the  TSM that  LGD  was able to find and take advantage of almost cracks within the Korean composition. Despite everything, they remain a solid team and to be feared in view of the quarters, but among the first of each group, they seem the most “affordable”.

The TSM disaster

The  TSM established a record: for the first time, a seeded team has not even won a game in the group stage. This alone makes it clear how sensational their debacle was, even the  Liquids (third-placed  LCS ) did better than the reigning champions. It is clear that the North American teams have some very serious problems still unresolved, and perhaps the time has come to remove the title of the major region from the NA.