Worlds 2020: Rogue eliminated and relegated to fourth place


Today the adventure of group B of the Worlds 2020 ended. Damwon Gaming and  JD Gaming go through, respectively, as the first and second seed. Unfortunately, the Rogues return home, and even on the last day, they are not able to take away any satisfaction, contenting themselves with a bitter fourth place. PSG Talon surprises positively as they overturn the results of the first week and close in third place.

The last day of group B of the 2020 Worlds


  • Damwon Gaming (5-1)
  • JD Gaming (4-2)
  • PSG Talon (2-4)
  • Rogue (1-5)

LCK and LPL dominate and put on a show

Group B has never been in the balance when it comes to qualifying speech. JD Gaming and  Damwon  Gaming immediately made things clear, repeatedly crushing their opponents. The two Asian battleships won the first two places in the ranking, with the Koreans snatching the first seed from the Chinese hands. The  Damwons seemed more convincing and more solid than the  JDs, despite suffering a rather significant defeat from their rivals at the close of the day.

The second seed of the  LPL had all the credentials to challenge the top of the standings, but the defeat at the hands of PSG Talon has complicated things a lot. Despite everything, these two teams are scary and are among the favorites for the final victory. Anyone who comes across them in the quarters will have to work hard.

PSG awakens and Rogues collapse

Right after the draw, we knew it was going to be a tough job for the  Rogues. Their debut and subsequent victory over  PSG Talon gave us hope. From that game onwards, only defeats came for  Larsenn and his teammates, perhaps condemned by the one-dimensional nature of their style of play. On this returning day, the hopes were high, but they were immediately shattered against the wall of the  JDG. The defeat suffered by  PSG sentenced them to a sad fourth place, which destroyed several pick’ ems (including ours).

On the other hand,  PSG fought tooth and nail, snatching two tough victories from two tough opponents like JD Gaming and  Rogue. After the first week, their comeback seemed impossible, yet the second seed of the  PCS managed to recover to make a good impression at least on the last day at the  Worlds 2020.