Apex Legends, Season 7 Leaks: revealed the skins for Wraith, Hemlok and Longbow


Apex Legends Leaks – Once again the Apex Legends leakers have managed to find some interesting news regarding the future of Respawn ‘s battle royale .

We are talking in particular of three new models that should soon be added to Apex , namely the Wraith skins and the Hemlok and Longbow weapons arriving on the live server with the seventh and next official season of the game.

These new models were discovered by the two leakers Shrugtal and  Biast12 who promptly showed what they discovered on Twitter , arousing the curiosity of the community about the future.

Apex Legends Leaks

Let’s start with the Wraith skin , a model that will be available with the next Battle Pass and which shows the famous legend with a purple and gold costume:

Together with this we then saw the skins of the Longbow and the Hemlok , two weapons particularly widespread on Apex that will look like this:

Finally, Biast12 showed us various types of Weapon Charm , presumably available along with the rest of the content starting from the beginning of season 7.