Cloud9 duo Tenz and Vice have no doubts: “Skye will be very strong on Valorant”


Skye Valorant – Two celebrated players from the export organization Cloud9 recently posted their impressions of the new agent Skye, unveiled by Riot during this week’s course.

We are talking about Tyson ‘ TenZ ‘ Ngo and Daniel ‘ Vice ‘ Kim who, particularly intrigued by the new character, decided to carefully analyze every single skill, trying to understand its real strength. Let’s start from the negative points… or rather from the aspects of Skye that according to TenZ and vice-versa will not affect the competition too much.

According to the couple of Cloud9, the only ability perhaps most questionable is the Regrowth, or the ability of Skye to heal herself and some of her allies. Although Tenz and Vice are convinced of the usefulness of this skill, they stressed that it could have been even stronger and more incisive than it is now.

Leaving aside the “ not too strong ” of Regrowth, the two professionals of the Biancoceleste team have instead explained how the rest of Skye’s skills are absolutely exciting. This character could soon become fundamental in the role of “scouting” the opponent’s field, with skills (especially the blinding one) that according to Tenz could make a huge difference in the next ranked challenges.

Both players have explicitly talked about the fact that the benefits given by some abilities of this new agent are to be considered ” insane “, and have said they can’t wait to be able to try Skye in the first games on the live server.

Will the introduction of this new agent shift the balance of the meta, affecting competitive matches?

According to many experts, this question must be answered with a yes, also because in addition to being the thirteenth protagonist inserted on Valorant , Skye is also the second of the “support” type among the characters available in Riot’s shooter (the other is Sage ), and this can only be a piece of important news to consider for the balance of the game.