Hearthstone: also Dragon Deathrattle Rogue and Togwaggle Warrior among the wild updates


Hearthstone – In today’s update, a lot of space is reserved for lists played in the wild format, with some interesting news that we hope will serve you in your competitive sessions.

So let’s see a version of the Togwaggle Warrior and one of the Dragon Deathrattle Rogue, two extremely expensive lists (and certainly not always easy to play) which, however, concluded their respective competitive sessions in a very positive way.

The performance of the Cube Warlock played by NIGHTMARECWB up to rank # 170 of the Legend was also particularly positive, a deck that managed to win 16 of the 26 games played, thus granting its user a place on the upper floors of the highest level of play.

Among the updates, the standard lists can certainly not be missing, in particular also the latest update relating to the Guardian Druid, a deck capable of winning 51% of the games in which it was played from 4 to 10 October ( Hs Replay data ) and which has recently managed to shine especially when used against the Soul Demon Hunter or the Galakrond Rogue.