K / DA: Here’s everything we know about their comeback


The  K / DA is about to return, and October 29 will mark the beginning of their comeback in the world of music and the videogame universe of  Riot Games. Their comeback, in fact, will not only concern  League Of Legends but also all the other titles of the American house. In addition, an album will be released, called  ALL OUT, which comes after two years of requests and waiting after the release of POP / STARS.

Seraphine will be the new member of the group, confirming her presence also in the roster of champions available on  LOL.

Content on League Of Legends

As previously said, the juiciest content will be the debut of the new champion  Seraphine, who we have learned about on social media during these months. Not much is known about his gameplay kit yet, we only know that it will be a support/mage and that his first skin will be a supreme worth 3250 RP. In addition to the new champion, new skins will be available for all other members of the K-POP group:  Ahri,  Akali,  Evelynn, and  Kai’Sa. In addition, the vacuum shooter will have another prestige aspect, which will be available for purchase at the price of 2000 world tokens.

Seraphine will be available on the PBE from the 13th of October, while all the other contents can be tested starting today. The Kai’Sa prestige skin will be available for purchase until November 24, 2020, so start collecting the tokens to be able to take this new prestigious look. Everything about the group will arrive on the live server on October 29th.

Legends Of Runeterra

Riot’s collectible card game will also be part of the event that will see the group return, to a lesser extent than  League, and there will also be some interesting content here. All LOR players will receive, from October 28, the K / DA ALL OUT pass for free along with a set of cards inspired by  Seraphine,  Ahri,  AkaliEvelynn, and  Kai’Sa. A new game mode called K / DA Star Power will also debut, which will allow you to choose decks inspired by each member of the group and each deck will have a unique power always active. Finally, there will be a new board that will play the music of the band in an instrumental version, players will be able to change the songs during the games to their liking.

Teamfight Tactics

On  TFT arrive aspect for mini legends Cavalierpiumato,  Codantica,  Octopus Celeste,  Cornofurioso, and  Lumicorno. Each skin will have a price of 490 RP and will be inspired by the first version of the  K / DA but also by their ALL OUT look. This content will be available from 12 November.