New map and mode coming with COD Mobile S11


COD Mobile Season 11 – Through some interventions published on the web, Activision developers have recently confirmed many of the hypotheses relating to the news coming with the eleventh season of Call of Duty.

We have therefore discovered that with the next major update of COD Mobile a new map will be added, called King (of which we can see a preview just below). As already happened for the Gulag and Pine, this is also a map coming from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare gunfight mode.

Among the other interesting innovations also shown in the official roadmap, we also saw the announcement relating to the Cranked mode (a particular “team deathmatch” challenge that is decidedly more frenetic than normal) and the new ” Advanced Uav ” killstreak bonus that will provide us with precious assistance during matches.

More news coming with S11 on COD Mobile

For all this news, we will still have to wait a few days since the release scheduled for the eleventh season is set for next October 14th.
In the next few hours, and especially during the first days of the week, it will be interesting to find out what other new features season 11 will bring to Call of Duty Mobile, including any balances and changes for ranked matches.

So we just have to wait, the anniversary week is about to begin …