New speed record on Ahn’Qiraj: here are the latest records set on WoW


Ahn’Qiraj – In the last few days we have seen the accomplishment of various achievements by the World of Warcraft community.

In fact, both on Battle For Azeroth and on Classic, single players rather than entire groups of guild raids have decided to take their respective characters to the limit … and today we will find out which were the last to be able to obtain or conclude the enterprise.

Let’s start with a single player, Reddit user rachao who recently managed to get a particular first in World of Warcraft… accumulate as many achievement points as possible! Rachao has in fact managed to reach 32 thousand and is now only 1500 achievement points from Xirev, currently the holder of the largest number of achievements and the only player in the world to have completed them all.

Turning now to the speed records, we want to talk to you about two specific enterprises: the first, completed by the player Zeroji, and the second which instead saw the Salad Bakers guild as the protagonist.

Starting from Zeroji, this fantastic player managed to complete the Dire Maul Tribute completely in solo, in about five minutes… here is the video of the spectacular run.

As for the Salad Bakers, this Classic guild (already known for other past companies always linked to speedruns) has in fact concluded the entire Ahn’Qiraj raid in less than 30 minutes (29 minutes and 37 seconds to be exact. ), showing up at the run with 22 Warriors, 3 Rogues, 3 Wizards, 2 Warlocks, 1 Hunter and then for the healing department, 5 Priests, 3 Paladins, and a Rest Druid.

The speedrun on Ahn’Qiraj