Paris Hilton leads rally to close boarding school


The socialite was admitted to that place against her will when she was 17 years old, and she claims she was mistreated.

Paris Hilton was the first celebrity to reveal the problems she experienced as a teenager at the Utah boarding school, Provo Canyon, where she says she suffered a lot of abuse and mistreatment when she was sent there by her family at age 17.

The socialite, DJ, and businesswoman revealed some details about this institution in her documentary “This is Paris”, from Youtube Originals.

This week the influencer organized a demonstration in a park near the school, to ask for the closure of it.

Hundreds of people and fans participated in the march with the businesswoman, and many told their own stories of this or other similar institutions for young people in trouble.

Paris and many participants wore a black t-shirt stamped with the phrase ‘Breaking the code of silence’ during the walk.