Worlds 2020: Top Esports still dominant in Group D


The return day of group D definitively closes the group stage of the  Worlds 2020. The  Top Esports, champion of the  LPL, they qualified as the first seed, after putting down and dominated the poor dragonsFlyQuest and  Unicorns Of Love greet the competition, with the Americans taking away at least the satisfaction of having snatched TES a victory. The  UOLs, on the other hand, close with an overall 0-6 and go to accompany the  TSM in the group of teams without wins.

The Worlds 2020 group stage ends

Top Esports are scary

From the first day of the group stage, everyone knew the technical value of the  Top Esports, very favorites for the final victory. The matches of Group D have shown, with force, how well the impressions of  TES were founded. The Chinese champions have demolished all kinds of opponents, even those  DRXs who have tried to trouble them multiple times. The direct confrontation between the two Asian battleships was spectacular both times, but  Jackeylove and his companions always prevailed. They do not close the group with a perfect score and give FlyQuest a victory, due to their lack of an opponent already eliminated but still eager to win.

If the  TES seemed scary to us, the  DragonX were no less. In fact, the Koreans have been able to keep up with the LPL champions, contesting the victory in both clashes of group D. Anyone who faces these two teams will have to really do their utmost to be able to dream of the semi-final.

Too bad for FlyQuest

Group D has been, since the draw, a group already decided at the start. The two Asian battleships imposed an unrivaled level of play for  FlyQuest and  Unicorns Of Love, even though the North Americans could and should have done better. PowerOfEvil and his teammates, during the return day, proved they can win by exploiting the mistakes of a tough opponent like  Top Esports.

The draw for the Quarter-Finals

  • Top Esports-Fnatic
  • Suning-JD Gaming
  • Gen. G-G2 Esports
  • Damwon Gaming-DragonX