A partnership between Evox and Exeed is underway


The Esports movement in Italy continues to grow and to involve more and more fans. Millions of people follow the tournaments and competitions of professional players, and more and more sponsors decide to invest in this business. New fans and new communities are therefore entering this ever-expanding world.

Precisely in this context, the new collaboration between Team Exeed, one of the most popular and winning professional Esports teams in Italy, and eVox, the first vertical Italian agency on Creator, Esports, Gaming, and new trends, fits.

A combination that will lead Exeed to further strengthen its positioning in the Italian Esports panorama: thanks to the experience of eVox, Exeed will be able to take advantage of all-round management for what the team’s activities are. ” This partnership represents value for us, a great opportunity for growth also from an economic point of view ” – underlines Federico Brambilla, CEO, and co-founder of Exeed – ” We see in eVox serious management and an ideal partner for our development, confirming our constant growth and desire to innovate “.

Great satisfaction also from eVox, the first Italian startup focused on Esports, born with the aim of allowing brands to communicate with players, and promoter of some of the most important international events organized in Italy: ” The collaboration between eVox and Exeed represents a new, important, evolution in the Esports ecosystem. Our motto is: find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them and you will make a difference. This is what we have done and we look forward to working together ”says the agency’s CEO, Davide Enea Dall’Aglio.