Black Ops Cold War: the latest important news from the beta


Black Ops Cold War – Last 11 October, some new and important news were released regarding the beta status of Call of Duty Cold War, the next title released for the famous Activision shooter.

All the news were reported directly by the Treyarch developers through Twitter posts. In these, the devs explained that they are working to better balance the Duster Stock attachment (with a nerf), so as to prevent players from continuing to enjoy the glitch that allows a faster-than-normal sliding…

The devs have also decided to increase the cooldown of the Spy Aircraft, so as to avoid that there are too many at the same time in flight, to raise the number of the maximum score in the TDMs from 75 to 100 and also to modify the function of joining a game, preventing players from joining games that are close to ending.

Obviously, the strange bug that caused unexpected crashes during the ” Best Play ” of VIP Escort matches was also fixed.

Here is the post with all the related communications:

Black Ops Cold War – Patch Notes