Boarcontrol joins the Hearthstone development team


The famous George “ BoarControl ” Webb, a professional Hearthstone player, has recently accepted Blizzard’s proposal to join the official development team.

The English pro, in fact, until today active in the competitive scene on behalf of the SK Telecom T1 team, will soon have to fill the role of Associate Game Designer for the Hearthstone Final Design Team, or that part of the Blizzard developers who decide, before the launch of a new content/expansion, if a card is too strong or too weak, or if it needs some kind of modification or other.

It is clear that the presence of a professional player, already winner of the SeatStory Cup in 2018 and also of a precious third place in the first 2019 season of the Hearthstone Grandmasters, will only be good for the Design team, which will thus be able to rely on opinions of another leading expert before any content is published.

This is also because, during his career, Boarcontrol has also always proved to be an excellent deck builder, and his deep knowledge of lists and archetypes will be essential in the future to understand which cards are likely to “break” the meta and which ones at the, on the contrary, they risk never being used due to their weakness.

What do you think of this new addition for the Blizzard team?
From our point of view, the entry of a strong and experienced pro (and deckbuilder) like BoarControl, can only be something extremely positive for the good of the game and its competitive scene, and with the opportunity, we want to make our best wishes to George Webb for this new and important commitment.