Cold War: Recommended loadouts for XM4 and Milano 821


Welcome to this first special dedicated to recommended loadouts to use to play your best in the new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War beta.

In this first study we will deal with the XM4 weapon, and the setting recommended for this by the famous Scump, and then also what concerns the small and lethal weapon Milano 821, two of the most used at the moment in Cold War games.

Let’s start with the one recommended by Scump, the XM4, which the famous pro recommends with a Quickdot LED optics, a Muzzle Brake 5.56, a 13.7 ″ Extended barrel, the Quickdraw handle, and then obviously (here too) the Foregrip under-barrel to improve grip and stability of the weapon.

Cold War Loadout Milan 821

As for the Milano 821 gun, we have to recommend at least two different loadouts, the first, characterized by an 8.8 Extended barrel, the Foregrip undercut, and the Tactical Stock. For the slots intended for Body and Handle we have instead seen how the Steady Aim Laser and the Impact Handle are preferred.

If you are looking for a setup more oriented to the stability of the weapon, and therefore also to lower recoil, we recommend a 9.7 Cavalry Lancer barrel, a Muzzle Break 9, a Foregrip undercut and then a Quickdraw Handle and the Tactical Stock as selected for the previous loadout.