Ion Hazzikostas presents a new Tuning for the Trinkets on Shadowlands


With a new post published directly on Twitter, the world of Warcraft developer Ion Hazzikostas has provided some interesting details regarding the situation of the Shadowlands trinkets.

The Trinkets currently available in the beta of the new expansion are in fact extremely strong, and some of these manage to give incredible performances to the players who use them (to the point that some of these PVE trinkets are able to one-shot players in pvp).

Very soon, however, all the trinkets will receive an important balance that will better balance the potential of each of these.

The Shadowlands Trinket post

Among the other interventions reported by the devs, we also note the next fix arriving on the PTR for the Pandaria area. In fact, in the public test realm, it seems that this whole game region is “broken” and impossible to explore, which caused many problems even for players who were in this continent at the time of log-in.

The devs ensured that the problems would be resolved with the Shadowlands pre-patch, which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

An example of the recent bug in Pandaria – PTR

In fact, precisely with regard to the Pre-Patch, the devs have recently communicated that the maintenance is scheduled for October 13th and that therefore tomorrow we will finally have the chance to run into the atmosphere of the new and highly anticipated expansion.