LOR, the new Shyvana unveiled


Shyvana – Another new protagonist of Legends of Runeterra has been unveiled a few minutes ago, who will officially join all the other cards with the publication of Monuments of Power, an expansion coming soon to the Riot card game.

This time we discover the first details of the champion Shyvana, a character from the region of Demacia who presents himself on LOR as a follower at cost 4, with body 3/4 and the power to self-enhance in the moment of the attack.

Along with this character, several other dragons were shown, all particularly “big” and heavy followers who will certainly find space in the more control-oriented lists of the game.

The trailer on the new card

Shyvana is a creature whose heart burns thanks to the pride of a runic fragment inside. As often as he appears in humanoid form, he can take on his true form of a terrifying dragon and incinerate enemies with his fiery breath. After saving the life of Crown Prince Jarvan IV, Shyvana now serves in his royal guard even though it is difficult to get accepted by the suspicious people of Demacia.