“Noxkraya Arena” the new landmark of Noxus


A few hours ago, 7 other new cards from the Monuments of Power expansion of Legends of Runeterra were revealed, including the landmark of the Noxus region.

In this case, we see the new Noxkraya Arena, a 5 cost card that at the end of our turn will force our strongest minion to collide with the weakest one in the opponent’s field.

Together with this new card we also discovered four follower cards, namely the small Dragonguard LieutenantStony Suppressor, and Egghead Researcher, and the most imposing dragon Stalking Broodmother, a cost 7 with a body with 6 points to attack and 6 to life.

As for the spells, in the preview, we saw the Scorched Earth and the Sharpsight, a cost 3, and a cost 2 respectively belonging to the regions of Noxus and Demacia.

What do you think about the community, especially looking at the new landmark of the Noxus region?
Which of these impressed you most?
The discussion, as always, is open!