On Reddit a fantastic CGI (Fanmade) about Bloodhound


A new fantastic video has been available on YouTube a few hours ago that will surely please all fans of Apex Legends players to see.

This work of art was created by Reddit user Slava Alekseev, who decided to make a CGI video entirely dedicated to the famous legend Bloodhound, the “huntress sent by the gods”.

The video has in fact met with such an uproar, as to leave many users of the popular social network Reddit amazed, and has also attracted the attention of some developers: among them, for example, he praised the work of Alekseev the Principal animator of Respawn Moy Parra, who he described the video as absolutely compelling and very valuable.

Respawn’s communications director Ryan Rigney also echoed him, enthusiastically commenting on the redditor’s work.

Bloodhound Video CGI – Legend Biography

Bloodhound is a skilled huntress, known in every corner of the Frontier for her skills. Daughter of two engineers from the New Dawn plant on Talos, Bloodhound was raised by her uncle Artur after the death of her parents, who were killed in an explosion that destroyed the facility where they worked. Artur handed down to her the wisdom of the ancients, which gives great importance to the value of nature and opposes the advance of technology. But technology has always fascinated Bloodhound, who even found a way to fuse old and new to kill the Goliath that tormented the people of the village. That moment changed her life forever.

His unrivaled skills, which help allies find hidden enemies and track their movements, give the team a huge advantage. Bloodhound is led by the ancient Norse gods and believes that fate is an unalterable path that will one day end in death. It is from this awareness that it draws its incredible strength, and until that day no one will be able to stop it.