Tempo Mage still in # 1 legend: which cards to choose from Magic Trick?


The famous archetype of Tempo Mage continues to conquer positions after positions in the Hearthstone Legend, and only a few hours ago he again managed to place himself at the top of the stable Asian server in # 1 Legend.

This time Jaina’s version armed withEvocationit was played by the Hong Kong player dMtGYZQsaL1HoBU, who managed to bring it up to the maximum limit of the ranked and immediately recommended its use to all his followers. 

In the list, there are obviously two copies of the card Magic Trick, a very precious secret that will allow us to enjoy extra magic cards. In this case, it is interesting to note how, thanks to the latest data published by Hs Replay, it is possible to establish which are the best cards to draw among those that the secret will offer us.

Clearly, each choice will have to follow the strategy you have chosen, and it could vary a lot from situation to situation, but taking into account this small premise, we have seen that among the best cards to choose we have: EvocationPrimordial StudiesFrost BoltMissiles of Involution is Ray of Frost.

These five are undoubtedly the cards most chosen by players, with the vocation which, once selected, contributes to the victory of more than 50% of the games.
Here is the data published on Twitter: