Classic raid against BFA raids in a new WoW Machinima


Raid Classic – The player and user of You Tube Captain Grimm has recently made a splendid and hilarious video dedicated to all lovers of World of Warcraft raids.

In particular, in this new WoW Machinima video (a cinematic made by a fan in which the game’s models are used) he compares the main features of the WoW Classic raids with those that instead are staged in the most current version of Warcraft, aka the Battle For Azeroth expansion.

From the different setting of the raid to the preparation of the raid itself, from the strategies to be used against the main bosses up to of course the actual fights with them, the new Captain Grimm video will show us how the end game experience is usually lived in both games.

The video is to be considered “funny”, and deals with the topic with a lot of ironies: it takes the casual gamer concept that we can find in the Classic version to extremes, but also describes the experience in the “retail” version (BFA, ed) as something which is often subject to abstruse calculations and long, cumbersome and complex tactics …