Fortnite: 4 bundles are coming for Halloween?


Fortnite Bundle- The new update Fortnite came out very recently and has already brought with it something new even if you do not see the shadow of any content, usual, for the annual Halloween event: Fortnitemares. But apparently, among the many cosmetic contents, 4 bundles are coming, and perhaps right by Halloween.

The news comes directly from a data miner, ShiinaBR, which reveals the skins that will arrive together in the various bundles. Unfortunately, we do not have a precise date, we can only assume that they will arrive with the new event, which in any case is certainly around the corner, although Epic is a bit delaying to formalize it.

The tweet of the bundles

As we can see from the leak, among the 4 bundles there is also the one based on Daredevil, which, as we know, is coming early for those who win the new Marvel MAT-themed tournament. What do you think of these additions? Do you like the skins that we will see debut? Let us know, as usual, yours …