In enhancement to Halle Berry extra Stars verified


LosAngeles Hollywood Director Roland Emmerich (64, “Independence Day: return”) to increase the all-star actors for his Sci-Fi calamity motion picture “moon case” extra. In enhancement to Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson and also Charlie Plummer additionally Stanley Tucci (59, “The hunger games”) and also John Bradley (32, “Game of Thrones, are now”) on Board, such as the US-industry sheet “” reportedTuesday Bradley connected the post on Twitter.

Shooting begin quickly

In “moon case” will certainly be carried to the moon by strange dislodge of its orbit and also speeding in the direction of the planet. A vivid motley heros-Team to prevent the calamity. Oscar- champion Berry (54) is a male, an Ex- astronaut comedians, Bradley an eccentric researcher, Tucci did a thriving organization. The capturing is anticipated to start soon in Montreal, Canada.

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In conformity with typical manuscripts for the flicks “10,000 B. C” and also “in 2012,” created Emmerich and also Co- author Harald Kloser additionally, the manuscript for”moon case” Recently, the Stuttgart- birthed Emmerich brought the battle dramatization “Midway” on the canvas.

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