LEC: Astralis fined and kept under observation by Riot


The adventure of  Astralis in  LEC does not start very well. The Danish team, famous for the results obtained on  CS: GO, will replace the  Origen (brand owned by the franchise) but start off on the wrong foot. According to what we can learn from an LoL Esports communication from  Max The X, the team would not have paid its employees for several months. Riot has decided to impose a hefty fine on the management, which will also be closely monitored by the American company. If there are any other complaints, the project could skip altogether.

The Astralis start their LEC journey badly

From the Origen to the Astralis

As previously mentioned, the Origen brand had been in the hands of the  Astralis for a few years already. The Danish organization kept the brand alive for its appeal in the League Of Legends landscape, but the results never came. In the last split of the European championship, the team did not even qualify for the playoffs, ending the summer season in the last place.

Since the team brought nothing in terms of results, the management of  Astralis decided to dismantle the entire organization of the  Origen, so as to have direct control over the events of the LOL team.

Missed payments, the general manager and the fine

According to reports from  Riot and the LEC commission, the  Astralis would not have paid the team members, who would have notified the matter to the managers of the championship. When the management was questioned about the facts, they justified it as a “human error due to the Danish jurisdiction”. Later, however, the executives verified that these payments had actually been made correctly, thus solving the problem.

So why did this fine come about? Well, in addition to the problem of payments, there was also “improper conduct” (we quote verbatim) by the general manager of the  Astralis. According to some employees, the manager allegedly made false statements regarding the terms of the contracts, with accompanying verbal misconduct towards team members. All these violations of the competition rules forced  Riot to impose a fine of € 5,000. Furthermore, the management will be kept under strict supervision and will have to satisfy the conditions dictated by the LEC commission.

The conditions

The leaders of the European championship have imposed strict conditions (or rules) on the leadership of the  Astralis, which will now have to apply them to avoid other sanctions and disqualification from the league. To begin with, an internal system must be created within the organization to report bad behavior of managers, and also a system to be able to regulate new members and help them understand the tax system of Denmark (to avoid other problems with payments)

In addition, the European league has already scheduled check-in calls, to understand whether these rules are respected or not. All these violations of the competition rules do not get the Astralis off to a good start . Certainly, there were no bad intentions on the part of anyone, but now the omelet is done. It will certainly be an important lesson for the Danish team, which faces the beginning of the  LEC not in the correct way.