New patch on Fortnite: skins (including that of Daredevil) and news are coming


Daredevil / Captain Marvel – The developers of Epic Games have recently made it known to the community that a new and important patch is coming today for the battle royal of Fortnite.

Although we do not yet know all the details of today’s update, we know that the following interventions have been listed on the Trello Board of the developers: at 2.30 pm the famous Captain Marvel will arrive in the battle royal, a new edition of the highly anticipated Fortnitemares event (dedicated to Halloween ) as well as a new limited-time mode.

The last mentioned is called Rally Royale, a particular mode in which we will have to compete with the vehicles on Fortnite trying to cross the finish line first.

Furthermore, from 14 October, the skin dedicated to the hero Daredevil will finally be available, but it will only be available for a few lucky players, while for all the others it will be available in the shop in the next few days (we do not yet know when). In fact, to win this skin, we will have to participate in the Daredevil Cup and win it … let’s see how:

The post on Daredevil – Fortnite

A new Marvel hero lands on Fortnite, sparking a competition on the never-before-seen island.
Get your team together to take on the Marvel Knock-out Super Competition, with four competitive cups focused on the Marvel Knock-Out game mode. On November 21, these four cups will flow into the final tournament of the $ 1,000,000 Marvel Knock-out Super Competition. Additionally, who will participate in all four cups will receive the exclusive War hang glider for the Nexus.

The first cup celebrates the Man Without Fear himself: Daredevil! Winners will have the ultimate boast: early access to the Daredevil costume before posting in the Item Shop!


This Wednesday, October 14, you will face the Daredevil cup, the first of the competition, to become the Guardian Demon of the MAT Knock-Out Marvel. The best teams in each region will get the Daredevil costume ahead of posting in the Item Shop.

The next three cups will be scheduled for next month. We will announce them, along with new details, starting in early November.


Knock-Out Marvel is a variation on the theme of Operation: Knock-Out in which your team will have to use superpowers to climb the tournament leaderboard. Take on enemies with your squad in 4 round Knock-Out combat. Each round, your team will receive a different set of powers to take on enemies with matching abilities!

With the new patch there will obviously be many other contents, in particular, a series of Skins and collectibles that we saw for the first time protagonists in a recent leak published on Twitter by FireMonkey … here’s what the leaker revealed on social media: