Only “Tier 6 Golden” or elemental minions for 900/900 “board”: the latest madness of Battlegrounds


Elemental Battlegrounds – Battle mode has now become the favorite and most played of a very important line of Hearthstone players.

The type of game represented by auto blasters in recent times fits perfectly with what are often the needs of the players, who therefore find in Battlegrounds (or in other similar modes of other games) bread for their teeth and in which they invest large amounts of time.

Hysteria is certainly one of these, with the well-known content creator who in all his latest videos wanted to dedicate himself entirely to the Battle and to the craziest combos to unleash in this one.
We then saw the video ” how to best play elementals “, to the point of pushing the creatures up to 900/900 of total power on the game table, but we also saw how to win a game with the same creatures while holding ” “At rank 2 our inn.

But that is not all. Because in the videos you will find below, Hysteria also showed how to win a game by getting to have a board of only rank 6 creatures in the golden form (i.e. when we combine 3 identical creatures), or by collecting 5 Kalecgos in a single game (one in golden form and two singles) and an Amalgadon of rare size …