Paladin, Hunter and Demon Hunter the 3 best Hearthstone classes


Best and Most Played Classes – The Hearthstone meta has undergone little change in the last few days, and the recent Meta Pulse confirmed the general feelings of community players regarding the current ranking of the Paladin class.

In fact, Uther stands out in the heroes’ win rate ranking, settling in first place with 51.8% of victories, followed by the Hunter and the Demon Hunter, who instead lose half a percentage point and conclude the week with 51.4 and 50.9% win rate.

This data is reflected in the excellent performances demonstrated by the various versions of Libram and Broom Paladin present in Standard, while for the Demon Hunter the situation is perhaps even better given that second place in the standings for winrate also combines a surprising first place in the ranking concerning the popularity of heroes.

In this, in fact, Illidan is confirmed at 17.1%, therefore chosen by almost one player out of two, while the Paladin only ends in third place, two percentage points behind the Wizard and in front of the Hunter.

As we have seen over the past few days, the imposing presence of Tempo Mage in the ranked allows Jaina to remain on the podium in the ranking of the most played heroes, while being able to rely “only” on a 50% win rate, a result that does not allow the magician to go beyond the fourth place in the ranking dedicated to the most successful heroes.

Below, let’s see what are the best variants shown in action in these last hours by the best players of the Inn, including the version of the Galakrond Warlock played up to # 34 of the Legend by Jarla. In fact, for Gul’Dan it is not a great moment considering that he is the rearmost hero both in the ranking of the strongest and in that of the most played, but in case you are looking for a list that can be performing (at least among those available ), the one used by Jarla might be for you.