Seraphine: Biography of the Champion


Seraphine Champion – Who is Seraphine, and what story characterizes the past of this new legend of Runeterra protagonist?

After having seen the first details relating to the skills that will distinguish this champion, let’s now go to see what are the main details relating to its history, its origins, and what was the path taken to reach us as it is today. , Seraphine the “Dream Singer”.

Seraphine – Biography of the Champion

A star was born in Piltover, where any dream can come true.

Seraphine has always loved music since she was a child, especially her father’s lullabies. His songs were beautiful but sad. He took them with him to Piltover, where he and his mother, originally from Zunites, sought a better life in the City of Progress.

Looking out from their he acoustic laboratory, where sound technology was fixed to play again, Seraphine sang along with the sounds of life in the streets. The sailor songs of the Sun Gates, the whistling of apprentices, even the rhythm of a conversation; she was never alone in a city like Piltover.

Over time, Seraphine realized that she could hear songs that were too private and personal to reach other people’s ears. The strength of his talent grew with her. He could feel the soul of any person, sweet or cruel, and the streets he had once loved became a deafening cacophony of conflicting desires. How could he understand the voices if they lacked harmony? Sometimes he spent days shaking in a corner, covering his ears, unable to hear his own voice over the cacophony.

Seraphine’s parents had left everything behind to give birth to her in Piltover, and they couldn’t take her pain. They collected all their savings to buy a fragment of a rare Hextech crystal, with which they built a mute that could mitigate his magical hearing. For the first time in many years, silence fell.

But in that quiet Seraphine heard something, or rather, someone. The crystal had a consciousness, child of bracken blood. The voice was gentle. Thousands of years of history sang in harmony, weaving the hymn of distant deserts and clashes between ancestors.

Enchanted Seraphine relied on their guidance. She was worried that she no longer had a song of her own, shattered by the desires surrounding her. What if it’s nothing but the voice of others?

“Our life is shaped by the voices of others” answered the song of the presence.

And so, slowly, he learned to manage the noise. The voice helped Seraphine understand how to harmonize with a crowd, how to sing with them, using her mute less and less. The first time she performed in front of a crowd she was shocked with nervousness. But she kept singing, and the crowd grew with her. Soon Seraphine fans filled the streets of Piltover’s most famous clubs. But there was still something missing, in the crowd and within himself. He realized that he had to change his perspective and that he had to look for her in the city her parents had abandoned with so much effort: Zaun.

The first time she went down with that rickety lift she felt both at home and foreign. In Zaun, he felt the same harmony of resistance and ambition as the upper city but accompanied by a peculiar rhythm of freedom. The more time he spent down there, the more he felt something else: pain. Fear of the chemical barons who controlled everything. I hate the spoiled and arrogant inhabitants of Piltover. There was so much disharmony. He began to perform by listening to these new crowds, listening to their hearts singing of their labors. The two cities were divided by much more than a lack of understanding. He wanted to heal and unite. But he kept hearing the same refrain: “Nothing is that simple in Zaun.”

Eventually, Piltover began to feel less and less home.

The voice in her hextech crystal had told her what could cause hatred left free to rage. Seraphine couldn’t let that happen to the cities she loved. She persuaded her parents to dismantle her mute and use the crystal for the opposite purpose: a platform capable of augmenting her gifts and not repressing them, allowing her to hear others in all their complexity. He transformed this platform into a stage, crossing the Entresol between Piltover and Zaun on it. As the crowd gathered under the glittering lights, she began to hear inhabitants of both worlds mingling to hear her.

It was a new song. Not understanding; unit.

It wasn’t perfect. It never would have been. But his voice mattered. And Seraphine realized that she could help others find their own voice.

Seraphine became the star of Piltover and Zaun. Thanks to the power of her hextech magic she amplifies everyone’s voice with a fresh charge of optimism: everyone matters to her, especially those who struggle. They inspire her, and she will do her best to inspire them.